What are the new Luxury Hotels in Italy in 2022?

Italy is, without a doubt, one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. The country holds the timeless charm of the Mediterranean, with the added appeal of thousands of years of history and culture. Did we mention the food is incredible as well?

We bring you here all the best, newest hotels that opened in Italy in 2022. Italy is a relatively small country, but it is incredibly diverse. From the untouched beaches of the deep south to the snowy peaks of the Alps, this southern European nation has something to offer to everyone.

Because Italy has been a significant tourist hub for many decades now, the country’s hospitality entrepreneurs have invested heavily in quality luxury experiences. The industry experienced a boost in recent times, with many hoteliers taking advantage of the post-pandemic travel rush to cater to a growing number of luxury travelers. Keep reading to learn more about Italy’s top new luxury hotels in 2022. Your first taste of some of Italy’s finest hotels starts here.

1. Mandarin Oriental, Lago di Como

Hotel  |  Lake Como, Lombardy

Lake Como is a picture perfect location. Wherever you turn, it feels like being in a postcard, almost as if everything was edited around you to look absolutely magical. Only this is all real and within your reach! Unsurprisingly, this destination has been a favorite hotspot for the rich and the famous for many years.

Completely revamped in 2022 for a new experience, The Mandarin Oriental in Lake Como is perhaps one of the most exclusive hotels in Italy. Stay at one of the wonderful rooms or sample some amazing treats at the in-house fine-dining restaurant. In addition, its floating swimming pool is something special!

2. Palazzo Manfredi – Small Luxury Hotels

Hotel  | Rome

Rome is by far the most popular city in Italy among tourists. The “Eternal City” offers many luxury accommodations, but few reach the timeless quality of Palazzo Manfredi.

This 2022 addition to Rome’s broad selection of high-end hotels is more than an exclusive hotel. It is a true taste of Rome’s aristocracy and a symbol of the city in its own right. With a very up-close front view of the Colosseum, you can’t go wrong.

3. San Domenico Palace, Four Seasons Hotel

Hotel  |  Taormina, Sicily


Sicily is Italy’s largest island and one of its most amazing destinations. Taormina is very popular because it is just a few ways from some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, and it is home to some of the top luxury hotels in Italy. One of them is Palazzo San Domenico. This place offers the historical settings of a former 14th-century convent surrounded by mystical ruins that date back to ancient Roman times.

The Four Seasons is currently managing this destination, so you can count on the highest quality service possible. It is not surprising that this hotel is quickly climbing the rankings as one of the best high-end stays in Sicily. The hotel facility is newly built and has opened in 2022.

4. Grand Hotel Savoia, The Dolomites, A Radisson Collection Hotel

Hotel  | Cortina d’Ampezzo, The Dolomites 

Some of the hotels in this list are located on the sea, offering the stunning waterfront views Italy is well-known for. However, Italy is more than just a seaside destination. Its mountain ranges are just as majestic. The Dolomites are a perfect example of Italy’s high-altitude appeal. The Grand Hotel Savoia in Cortina will make you feel like you’re on top of the world when you look out. The view of the valley below and the surrounding peaks is extraordinary.

The hotel has been updated between 2021 and 2022, to provide more innovative features to its guests. In addition, the hotel has a charming retro vibe that will make your experience very special. This place is stunning all year round, but to get that “Winter Wonderland” feeling, check it out in the colder months. Cortina, the town where the hotel is located, has a reputation as an “Amalfi Coast of The Alps.”

5. Hotel La Palma, Capri

Hotel  |  Capri Island

This fantastic hotel is one of the most exciting 2022 additions to the line-up of luxury hotels in Italy. Located in the island of Capri, this amazing newly built establishment will give you the opportunity to experience this sought-after destination like a true celebrity!

Nestled in the heart of Capri Island, this wonderful hotel has a truly one-of-a-kind vibe. It has some of the most comfortable and luxurious rooms on the Island and it caters to guests with the best staffing and amenities anyone could ask for. This new hotel is going to be a fierce competitor of some of the island’s long-standing luxury establishments.

6. IL Tornabuoni, The Unbound Collection by Hyatt

Hotel  |  Florence

The city of the arts is the best play to experience a luxury stay in a 13th-century palace. Spending some time at this hotel feels like traveling back in time, but with the benefits of all the modern comforts and amenities, you could ever desire. The 62 rooms, hallways, and common areas will give you a taste of the Italian Renaissance, of which Florence was an essential epicenter.

Lovers of history and luxury will feel at home here. This is a perfect luxury accommodation for people who seek a deeper connection to Italy’s more artistic and culturally-conscious side. The grand reopening of the hotel took place in the beginning of 2022.

7. Ca'di Dio, Small Luxury Hotel

Hotel  |  Venice

With a name that translates to “The House Of God,” the expectation for this hotel is quite high. Yet, this establishment has humble origins. This Venetian building was initially meant to be a place for pilgrims to rest after their long journey. Today, it is one of the most in-demand luxury accommodations in the heart of the “floating city.”

Inaugurated earlier in 2022, this is more than a regular fancy hotel. It’s an authentic piece of the city and carries a lot of heart. Ca’ Di Dio offers some breathtaking rooms and a famous courtyard that looks (and smells) incredible due to its beautiful plants. Have a walk in the beautiful garden, and let it inspire you! The hotel retains its classic charm, but it has recently been updated to bring it up to speed with the 21st century. As a result, Ca’Di Dio provides the perfect blend of modern and timeless, effortlessly charming the visitors and ensuring a flawless stay.

8. Vista Palazzo, Verona

Hotel  |  Verona, Veneto

“Fair Verona” is known all over the world as the home of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The bard depicted this beautiful city in his timeless play, yet he never had the opportunity to actually visit Italy in his life. Thankfully, Verona is within your reach.

The best way to experience it is to stay at Vista Palazzo, a stunning accommodation opened in 2022. This hotel is nestled in the heart of the city. The hotel also has a great restaurant and a relaxing fitness center.

9. Bulgari Hotel Milano

Hotel  |  Milano, Lombardy

Millan is undoubtedly one of the most internationally focused cities in Italy. It even earned the nickname “The Italian New York” because of its modern, edgy, and forward thinking lifestyle. The city is a major tourist attraction, not only for its incredible sights but also because of the many activities that drive traffic to the town. These include the world-famous fashion week, as well as a wide variety of concerts, events, fairs, and more.

As you would expect from a city with such an expensive reputation, Millan is home to many memorable luxury hotels. The Bulgari Hotel meets the demand for new luxury hotels for the Milan market in 2022. Located in an 18th-century building, it provides the fascinating charm of its settings alongside a modern set of comforts and amenities. The rooms are spacious, bright, and comfortable. The hotel is also well known for its huge fitness center, which includes a spa, an indoor swimming pool, and more.

10. Grand Hotel Vesuvio (Napoli, Campania)

Hotel  |  Napoli, Campania

Napoli is one of Italy’s fastest growing cities when it comes to tourism. In the past decades, the city did not enjoy the best reputation. Still, visitors soon discover that this wonderful and sprawling southern city has so much to offer. The Neapolitan seafront skyline, crowned by the famed Mount Vesuvius, a dormant volcano, is one of the most iconic panoramas in the world.

The Grand Hotel Vesuvio is the perfect place where to enjoy it and experience the best that Naples has to offer. The newly revamped rooms, rebuilt between 2020 and 2022, are comfortable and stylish. In addition, the hotel is sought after due to its high quality restaurant and breakfast services. Not only is the food Michelin-star worthy, but the panoramic restaurant rooms offer the best settings one could imagine.